Nathalie Knauf is a luxury jewellery design and consultancy brand and connoisseur network that believes in demystifying and personalising the luxury jewellery experience. A central tenet of the brand philosophy is, put simply, that honesty is the best and only policy. We believe that purchasing a piece by Nathalie Knauf should be a deeply personal experience, far more momentous than simply buying jewellery.

Buying a piece of jewellery immortalises a life moment that you and your loved ones can cherish both today and in the future.

Through the immersive and highly personalised consultation experience Nathalie Knauf and her network of highly expert connoisseurs will understand why each individual piece has been chosen and the story that inspired that choice. Nathalie Knauf believes in extending her expertise to and educating her clients to be inspired and informed by every stage of the craftsmanship of the designs and the history of the precious gemstones that create her pieces.

“Buying a piece of jewellery should be a momentous occasion. It immortalises a life moment that you and your loved ones can cherish both today and commemorate in the future. I respect that virtue and invite clients to develop a curiosity mindset to understanding and knowing as much about their choice of gemstone as possible. Honesty is an intrinsic element at every stage of our craftsmanship and offering. By sharing the true nature of the gemstone, its provenance, insight into the design, designers’ background, and our candid approach to discovering the compatibility of the piece with the client’s lifestyle, we allow the client to be expertly informed and create the surreal process of the stone choosing its owner. This is what I call the Honest Design Code.” Nathalie Knauf Founder & Gemologist

Nathalie Knauf

Founder & Gemologist

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