Style Focus: Pearl Perfection

Unassuming, nearly neutral, and forever timeless, pearls are maintaining their place at the centre of 2020’s Spring/Summer trends, heralding a season of heirloom-style treasures and modernised classics. No longer restricted to the purity and innocence of the prim and proper aesthetics of yesteryear, today’s favourite style trailblazers are pairing delicate with bold and renewing the mainstream attitude around pearl jewellery. This season of experimentation and expansion is opening the way for more versatile and dynamic designs featuring these shimmery stones.

Tahiti Pearls, Aquamarine, Black Tourmaline BraceletAvailable in a stunning pastel palette, pearls are easily matched and paired with the currently popular vibrancy of colour. Layers of high fashion jewellery come together effortlessly with cascades of necklaces and asymmetrical earrings. For those feeling particularly daring, this season’s impossibly cool trend is to adorn a single statement earring on its own. This makes the earring more striking and draws attention to the piece, accentuating the character and enhancing its personality. We have an in depth article for more information on 2020’s Spring/Summer trends; you can find that here to stay current!

As of late, runways and red carpets have been practically encrusted with pearls. You’ll see them stitched into clothes, set into necklaces, and dangling delicately from ears in a thousand different ways and shades. By nature, pearls hold an appealing shape in a refreshingly acoustic state, as well as they do when finely polished to be perfectly smooth. They contribute texture to precious metals and stones that creates an intriguing aesthetic drama. 

Pearls have always been favoured due to their ease of wear for the busy and fashionable. They  are flattering and appropriate to be worn all day, dressed up or down. Casual, beachy features such as Knauf Jewels’ Tahiti Pearl, Aquamarine, Black Tourmaline Bracelet are popular within youthful collections. However, pearls still feature strongly in the most unforgettably impactful statement pieces as well. Adaptive to styles of any taste, they are an essential staple in jewellery collections.

Rubellite, Tourmaline & Tahiti Pearl Drop EarringsThe currently adventurous mood surrounding pearls has granted us the wonder of intricately carved pieces features astounding details, as well as pearls seeded with other precious stones, such as turquoise, for added colour. This haute jewellery collector’s staple is ever evolving in increasingly more innovative ways and our
 are a perfect example of this.

These jewels of the sea pack a surprising boldly fashionable punch for something we often see as dainty and delicate. Express your own unexpected strengths by flaunting pearls in your own high fashion jewellery collection.

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