Pearls Shells Yellow Gold Dangle Drop Earrings


Our beautiful range of ocean collection is featuring these exceptional earrings with cultured pearls. Beautiful natural shell handcrafted with yellow gold 18K that will distinguish perfectly your natural elegance.
An exclusive item designed with care and love.

FINEST STONES AND EXTRAORDINARY DESIGN- Knauf Jewels’ luxurious jewellery is crafted by a team of experts drawn from the world’s top designers, gemologists, goldsmiths and enamellers. The high-quality and carefully selected materials include gold and platinum, gemstones and diamonds. Bright colors make Knauf Jewels jewellery an eye-catcher that expresses elegance and individuality. Worldwide, only gems from conflict-free regions are selected to meet the exacting requirements of the Knauf Jewels experts. Many of the gems are purchased at Intergem, the international gemstone fair in Idar-Oberstein. Preference is given to gemstones which are not yet well-known to buyers, such as mandarin garnet or rubellite. These stones are not so common, giving the jewellery a novel touch and even greater exclusivity. The range of jewellery runs from the classic line to extraordinary design. Extravagant combinations such as the composition of filigree gold and sturdy wood, as well as unusual shapes and motifs make Knauf Jewels unique

Measurements cm:
Manufactured 2016, Germany


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