What we stand for

Knauf Jewels sells exceptional jewels for exceptional women. Nathalie and Philippe Knauf launched their jewel design business in 2011 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Ever since, Knauf Jewels has stood for “Supreme Quality and Craftsmanship” – just as its slogan promises. We have the highest quality standards on material and craftsmanship.

How a passion became a profession

The history of Knauf Jewels reaches much farther back: First, there was a special love for exceptional design and precious materials of the founding couple, which eventually grew into the dream of making this passion a profession.

As an economic analyst (MBA/MFS), Nathalie Knauf was predestined to become the CEO and marketing director while Philippe Knauf, who has a degree in design and was the creative head of the company’s collection from day one. Together, Nathalie and Philippe Knauf attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in London to round off their expertise in all things jewels and gemstones. The GIA is the prime gemology research and teaching institution and sets global quality standards for gemstones.

Today, Nathalie and Philippe Knauf continue to run their business, Knauf Jewels, with the same passion that inspired them to launch it.

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