High Jewellery for Valentines Day

Give a Valentine’s Gift that lasts a Lifetime

It’s all we need, it’s a many-splendored thing, it is infinite and all consuming; this month our eyes alight on love. 

Whether we’re speaking of self love, romantic love, or the love of family and friends, Valentine’s Day is a fantastic reminder to invest in what sets our hearts to passion. Gone are the days when only those lodged in the throes of new love could truly enjoy the holiday! In the dawn of a new age, the awakening of a fresh decade, love in its every form is ready to be treasured! 

Make an effort to set time apart for yourself and those you hold dearest. The most memorable Valentine’s Day plans encompass all the senses: delicious food for taste, smell, and warmth, a beautiful setting for vision, music for sound, and gifts to spark the memory for years to come. We won’t fill your head with specific date plans or romantic surprises, since nobody knows better than yourself how to best love those important people in your life! 

High End Jewellery for Valentines DayBespoke, fine jewellery makes a stunning gift, as everlasting as your love. However, if you’re looking to also present your loved one with traditional Roses this Valentine’s Day, why not combine it with her jewellery with our stunning Ruby, Diamond and White Gold Red Rose Brooch. This delightful trinket will forever sit near to your loved ones heart, and unlike roses will last forever. 

For truly burning passions, we can help design the haute couture fine jewelry piece of your fantasies. Perhaps a fire opal set into a stunning pendant would complete your vision of perfection? Our Fire Opal and Diamonds Starfish Pendant stands as a show-stopping example. Or maybe a crystalline creation would put the light into your beloved’s eyes? Our White Gold and Moonstone Diamond Drop Earrings exude an enchantingly ethereal charm that is easy to adore.

High Earrings for Valentines DayOur collection of fine jewellery is a vibrant trove of inspiration! You are bound to either find a piece you absolutely love, or you will find the inspiration for a design we will happily craft into reality for you. Whatever your Valentine’s tastes and whoever they may be, mark this year’s Valentine’s Day as the beginning of a new season of love and finding joy in one another.

And if your Valentine is yourself, pour a glass of wine, draw a luxurious bath, and choose something extravagant that will sparkle in the candlelight! Don’t let the day pass without slowing down to express your appreciation for those that are truly important. The rest of the world will still be there when the moment has passed, and these are the days to cherish.

We hope you feel loved this Valentine’s Day, and look forward to helping you discover your new favourite pieces of high jewellery!

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