Gemstone of the Week: Mandarin Garnet

The orange Mandarin Garnet belongs to the Spessartine group and is extremely rare compared to other garnet varieties. In order to show off the fire of the Mandarin Garnet even better, we have enclosed it in this ring from the new collection between two diamonds of 0.2 carats each. The ring rail is made of 750 rose gold (18 carat), the colour of which perfectly matches that of the mandarin garnet..

Mandarin garnets of the best quality, such as the stone we use, are characterised by an intense orange colour. Such pieces rarely come on the market today. The occurrences in Namibia are exhausted since the 90s of the last century, and in Nigeria predominantly less valuable variants of the Mandarin-Garnet are found, which show a stronger brown portion.

We have obtained these certified specimens from xyxyx, because not only the purity of the stones, but also the purity of their origin is important to us. But what fascinates us as jewellery designers about this coloured gemstone? Even under unfavourable light conditions, high-quality Mandarin Garnets with the right cut develop an orange fire of great vitality. Due to its high degree of hardness, this exquisite stone is ideal for use in exclusive pieces of jewellery.

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