Haute Couture Spring Jewellery in Multi-Colour Hues

Creating a stand alone Multi-Coloured Style

Spring is here, and our haute jewellery collections are coming alive with an abundance of colour! With precious stones and metals in every shade and a dramatic range of texture, this  season’s biggest trends feature something for every stylish person out there.

Multi-Coloured Baroque Rare Gemstone RingHaute Couture Jewellery is a fantastic way to add colour and definition to your best looks. From the cool, clean, and sleek tones of silver hued stones to the technicolour electricity of bright rainbow hues, boldly defined personalities hold centre stage in a jewel-encrusted presentation of high fashion. 

Asymmetry is continuously a popular trend, creating a platform to allow statement pieces to stand out in innovative and unexpected ways. Single and mismatched jewellery creates an aesthetic that seems as though it should clash loudly, and yet instead strikes harmoniously jazzy chords in memorable ways. While this particular style may be a little way outside the comfort zones of some, experimenting with asymmetric accessories is an endeavour easily worth exploring! Especially when styling antique pieces, a level of interest is developed that ensures a purely unique look that nobody could dream of imitating.

The eccentric energy of heirloom inspired designs are alive with fun and character, set with vibrantly coloured stones and irregular shapes. A range of pearls in every shade adds variance to the texture and sits pretty beside charming pastels. The natural colours of quality materials are being celebrated, flaunted, and accentuated, especially the blues. Pantone’s Colour of 2020 is Classic Blue, and we’re collecting as many Classic Blue treasures as we can find to enhance our Spring and Summer wardrobes.

Multi-Coloured Diamond Floral RingFollowing up with the quirkiness of heirloom pieces and asymmetry, stones, metals, textures, and designs are being fearlessly mismatched. Mismatching your accessories expands the range of shades you can coordinate with, making it easier to assemble a sophisticatedly put-together look. Pair dainty with bold shapes, wear antique-looking heirloom classics with modern designs! This is a season of life and rebirth, full of energy and vibrancy. 

Let this Spring be a season of renewal and celebration of life. Find calm in the blues, fun in the mismatched chaos, and hope in the ways antique treasures are being loved again. Your jewellery collection is for your own joy before anyone else’s, and we offer an array of stunning pieces that will be a delight worn to the finest gala and quiet night in alike. At Knauf Jewels, we’re sending well wishes and truly hope your Spring sprouts joy for you and your loved ones!

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