Distinct pieces of jewellery for exceptional women

We create bespoke, individual pieces of jewellery just for you: Tell us your idea, choose special gemstones, and see an initial sketch on paper. In our goldsmith’s  studio, we masterfully bring that sketch to life, creating your very own personal jewellery.

Custom-made jewellery always is of a special emotional and artistic value – and does not necessarily come with a high price tag.

Bringing your Ideas to Life

Before we even start to consider how your next piece of jewellery will look, the first consideration we make is what inspires you from both a fashion and lifestyle sense. Everything we create begins with your story and so we start with a detailed research process to delve into your deepest desires. 

Whether you’ve got a specific live event that you want to remember with a statement piece, have a love of a particular metal or stone and want to enjoy it in it’s most natural form or even want to create a distinctly different piece around your favourite aspect of nature, we will work with you to understand your exact requirements.

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