As an accomplished economic analyst in her previous career, Nathalie Knauf agonized market trends and insights to predict what the future would hold for her clients’ stocks and assets. Armed with an MBA and MFS she would prepare her wealthiest clients for any downturns in their stocks. It was too risky, times too uncertain. She could not fathom the rest of her career being spent over-analysing uncertainty and asking clients who had entrusted her with their assets, stocks and wealth to brace themselves.

Nathalie crystallised one brilliant idea into a passion, a passion that has become a profession.

Amidst all this fraught volatility, her mind drifted across the power a single precious stone could have. The power that gemstones have to retain their value despite the shocks and volatility across the global financial markets. How the best advice she could give people who trust her, was to invest in something that inspired and aligned with their passions whilst retaining its true value whatever the weather.

This persistent thought of the power of precious stones crystallised into a desire for a new career direction. So, she left her finance job and made for London and with her creative designer husband, Philippe Knauf, who attended the prestigious. Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Nathalie redirected her analytical mind towards developing a mastery in understanding the world of precious gemstones and Philippe applied his craftsmanship of precious metals to capture these gems in their finest moments. Today, Nathalie Knauf is the face and brand of the couple’s jewellery business, Nathalie Knauf. Nathalie crystallised one brilliant idea into a passion, a passion that has become a profession. If, like Nathalie, you aspire to transform your passion for gemstones into a profession, you are invited to apply to be a Connoisseur of the Nathalie Knauf accredited network of expert gemstone connoisseurs.

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